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The Height of Mother Love

by on Nov.21, 2009, under Attachment, Holidays, Parenting

This time of year when teachers ask their young children what each is thankful for, a good 90% respond enthusiastically, “My mommy!”  It’s not only that kids are copycats, saying just what the child before him has said,  it’s also that kids get it. They really are thankful for their mommies. (Forgive me, Dads. I am taking editorial license for the purpose of this blog. But I do not for a minute underestimate your importance and love for and by your children.)

Forever, the mother-child bond has been  depicted, portrayed, discussed, filmed, written about, but it just never ceases to amaze me.  Mother nature does such an incredible job of attaching us to our offspring, embedding the instincts that enable us to care for our children from the moment of birth. It is  true with all  of her creatures. Perhaps that’s the most amazing part!

Recently, I received the  link to a video clip of the birth of an elephant. (It is graphic, be forewarned!)  I watched it with my jaw down to my knees. Share it with the people you love, who will appreicate its magnificence.  Watch it with your child (perhaps six years old and beyond, depending upon his development and maturity.)  Talk about it. Use it as a spring board for discussions of birth,  where babies come from, animal instincts, of mommy and daddy love. Be brave and let your child lead the conversation, even going in “those” directions. Be the mommy who answers all questions honestly and openly. That’s part of your mommy job   Celebrate the miracle of the mother-child bond. It is my gift to you on Thanksgiving.

Last month, staff at the Elephant Safari Park in Taro, Bali, filmed one of its elephants giving birth. The footage is jaw-dropping remarkable, not just because of the birth, but because the videographer captured the mother desperately trying, over and over again, to save her apparently still-born infant. (It does have a happy ending.)

Happy Thanksgiving.

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