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Ask BBB – Columns from the Palisadian-Post

The award winning local newspaper, The Palisadian-Post, runs the monthly parenting  column ASK BBB.  In her column Betsy answers questions sent in by readers.

May 4, 2017
A 10 year old is fixed on what birthday gifts she will receive

April 6, 2017
My boy teen is shorter than his sister.

March 2, 2017
Should I shelter my teen boys from inappropriate topics?

February 2, 2017
Should a family rush to buy a new pet after their dog has died?

January 5, 2017
Should a 13 year old be given a Fit Bit for her birthday?

November 3, 2016
The daughter of two musical parents is disturbed by music

October 6, 2016:
What to do when your child won’t go out of the house

September 1, 2016:
How to help your child digest the bile she hears about the election

August 4, 2016:
How to start off the new school year smoothly

July 25, 2016:
When your child goes off to college

June 24, 2016:
When to have THE talk about boundaries with boys

June 9, 2016:
What is the right age for social media?

May 26, 2016:
My 11 year old want to do whatever my 14 year old does. Help!

May 12, 2016:
Is screen time all that bad? My nanny lets my 2 year old watch while I am at work.

May 2, 2016:
Is it okay for my 10 year old daughter to carry her old teddy bear wherever she goes?

April 14, 2016:
My teenage son wants to wear the same dirty clothes everyday! What should I do?

March 24, 2016:
What do I do when my daughter doesn’t tell the whole story about her sleepover plans?

March 10, 2016:
What do I do when Grandma and Grandpa spoil my kids rotten?

February 11, 2016:
All the fears that come with having a new baby

January 28, 2016:
Finding activities for two very different kids

January 14, 2016:
My 10 year old listens to music that is racy and suggestive

December 24, 2015
How to I prepare my children for my mother-in-law coming to live with us?

December 10, 2015
Should I tell the parents that their nanny is not doing her job with their child?

November 26, 2015
My 9 and 11 year old kids are constantly bickering. Help!

November 12,2015:
What’s going on with a 10 year old who has stomach aches before school?

October 22, 2015:
My 4 year old has turned into a monster!

October 8, 2015:
I caught my 14 year old drinking. How do I handle it?

September 16, 2015:
My toddler hates wearing clothes!

August 27, 2015:
My teen just wants to sleep all the time

August 13, 2015:
My kindergartner is swearing and cursing.

July 23,2015:
My 2 year old is getting kicked out of his playgroup because he bites

July 9,2015:
When a parent goes back to work…and the child can’t take it

June 25, 2105:
When parents disagree about having another child

June 11, 2015:
Is 14 too young to start dating?

May 28, 2015:
Two sets of grandparents, two different sets of beliefs about dealing with the child

May 7, 2015:
Should children see a therapist when parents divorce?

April 9, 2015:
How to explain Foster Parents to your child

March 26, 2015:
Am I overbooking my child?

February 12,2015:
High School freshman son doesn’t want to go to school

January 22,2015:
Explaining the Homeless to your child

January 8, 2015:
How do I prepare a child for the birth of a sibling?

December 15, 2014:
How do I handle it when my kids compare the holiday gifts they receive?

December 11, 2014:
I’m worried that my child loves our nanny more than he loves me.

November 27, 2014:
What is a reasonable curfew for a teenager?

November 13, 2o14:
Should we give our kids an allowance and how do I do it?

October 23, 2014:
How should I handle a teacher who picks on my 9 year old son?

October 9, 2014:
What do I do if we want our child to be into sports like us and he is not?

September 11, 2014:
How do I teach my daughter good manner when she hangs out with a friend who has none?

August 13, 2014:
How can I prepare my child for the the start of first grade?

June 30, 2014:
What should I do about my 7 year old impossibly picky eater?

June 12, 2014:
How do I avoid raising a spoiled, self entitled child?

May 8, 2014:
I feel like my toddler doesn’t like me.

April 24, 2014:
Kids who lose possessions and teaching the value of things.

April 3, 2014: 
Typical toddler behavior and the right age for kids to get cell phones.

March 13, 2014:   
A good way to explain death to a child and the right age to begin the birds and the bees talk.

February 27, 2014:
The question of allowing children a third year of preschool and how to raising twins to be individuals.

February 13, 2014:
Should families choose a parochial preschool for their child which is a different religion and the move from elementary to middle school

The first column presented Betsy’s 2014: New Year’s Resolutions: Power Up Your Parenting