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Time and again, parents ask for help responding to some variation of these questions:

  • How do I get my child to listen to me?
  • How do I get my children to stop fighting?
  • How do I get my kids to eat something, anything, healthy?
  • How do I explain a baby is on the way?
  • How do I tell my children grandma died?

In Just Tell Me What to Say, you will find sensible tips and scripts to guide you in talking with your child about these issues and many others. Browse inside then buy the book, to keep by your bedside.

Browse Inside Just Tell Me What To Say

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1. SMALL TALK IS BIG TALK. Communicating with your children
2. “TOMMY JUST DOESN’T LISTEN.” Discipline do’s and don’ts
3. “IT’S ALL MOLLY’S FAULT.” Sibling issues
4. “HOW MANY BITES `TIL I CAN GET DESSERT?” Children’s eating habits and behaviors
5. “GET YOUR FINGER OUT OF YOUR NOSE!” Manners and social graces
6. “IT’S NOT FAIR!” Day-to-day parenting dilemmas
7. “HOW DID THE BABY GET IN YOUR TUMMY?” Learning about the Birds and the Bees
8. “WHY DID MOMMY’S HAIR FALL OUT?” Talking about serious illness
10. “MOMMY AND DADDY HAVE SOMETHING TO TELL YOU.” Talking with your children about divorce
11. “IS THE FIRE GOING TO COME TO OUR HOUSE?” Answering questions about natural disasters, terrorism and war