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Sensitive Topics

“Is Santa Real, Mommy?”

by on Dec.04, 2016, under Communication, Holidays, Learning, Parenting, Sensitive Topics

One of the signs (sometimes laced with a bit of sadness) that your child is growing up is when the inevitable question comes, Is Santa real? While it seems so simple, it is one that puts many a parent into a tail spin.  What should I say?... Read more...

Talking to Kids about Racism, Law Enforcement, and Violence (in light of the Dallas Shootings)

by on Jul.13, 2016, under Behavior, Character traits, Communication, Elementary School Children, Environmental influences, Learning, Parent modeling, Parenting, Public Behavior, Safety, Sensitive Topics

How I wish I weren’t writing this particular blog…again. How I wish you didn’t need this blog…again.  How I wish I actually had an explanation for this madness. I don’t. There is no explanation. So how in the world do we explain it to our children? Too many... Read more...
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Talking to Your Children About the LAUSD School Closure

by on Dec.15, 2015, under Adolescents, Communication, Elementary School Children, Environmental influences, Parent modeling, Parenting, Safety, School, Sensitive Topics

Boy, do I ever dislike having to write this, the safety threat which caused the Los Angeles Unified School District wide school closure today, December 15, 2015 But to help you and all our children, may I remind you of a few things. 1. No one knows all the... Read more...

Talking to Your Child About the Paris Attacks

by on Nov.15, 2015, under Elementary School Children, Environmental influences, Learning, Parenting, Safety, Sensitive Topics

Sadly and not surprisingly, I have received a rash of emails from parents wondering how to explain to their children the heinous, violent terrorism that happened in Paris. These were parents of children of all ages. How I wish one could actually explain something that is so monstrous... Read more...
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Beyond the Birds and the Bees

by on May.22, 2015, under Adolescents, Communication, Elementary School Children, Learning, Parenting, Relationships, Sensitive Topics

It is always with great relief that moms and dads report back that explaining the birds and the bees to their elementary school age child wasn’t that bad. And despite their six year old's exclamation of "Eewww, gross!" at the mention of the man putting his penis... Read more...
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How to Talk About Homelessness

by on Jan.06, 2015, under Adolescents, Communication, Environmental influences, Parent modeling, Parenting, Safety, Sensitive Topics

With ever increasing numbers of homeless in our cities, it is not surprising that young children are asking questions. Whether it is someone in the street asking each car for money, someone pushing a cart overflowing with possessions, or a person forlornly propped up against a building,... Read more...
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Putting the Happy Back in Birthday

by on Dec.02, 2014, under Brat-Proofing, Holidays, Parenting, Public Behavior, Sensitive Topics, Toddlers

"Amanda is 2!" read the banner draped over the entrance to our neighborhood park.  And that was just the beginning.  A cooking area complete with printed aprons (“Amanda’s  2nd Birthday”) and chef's hats for each child, a craft area with three different creation stations, a pony ride... Read more...
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All Kinds of Feelings: A Child’s Emotional Literacy

by on Nov.03, 2013, under Behavior, Child development, Elementary School Children, Learning, Parent modeling, Parenting, Sensitive Topics, Toddlers

In the video, Emotional Baby is Moved to Tears by Mom’s Singing,, we witness the power of emotion in even the youngest of babies. At only 10 months old, the baby’s deep feelings spill over in the form of tears when he hears his mother’s beautiful... Read more...

“I Don’t Want To Go To School!”

by on Sep.10, 2013, under Adolescents, Behavior, Child development, Communication, Elementary School Children, Parenting, Peers, School, Sensitive Topics, Transitions

 Now that the school year has begun, it won’t be long before one morning you’ll awaken to the declaration, “I don’t want to go to school.” It’s a cry, actually more of a plea, which every parent is likely to face at least once, if not ten... Read more...

Being Neighborly

by on May.15, 2013, under Communication, Elementary School Children, Environmental influences, Parenting, Public Behavior, Relationships, Safety, Sensitive Topics, Toddlers

Keeping your child safe, (also the name of a seminar I offer), is every parent’s top priority. And each time the internet explodes with news of another abuse to a child, parents are shaken to the core. Fear reverberates across the county, and we ask, “How did... Read more...