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Get Ready for the New School Year!

by on Aug.08, 2015, under Adolescents, Behavior, Child development, Communication, Elementary School Children, Environmental influences, Expectations, Learning, Parenting, School, Transitions

It's mid-August... that means summer vacation is creeping to an end, depending upon your child's first day of school. For some it even starts next week. Summer time and the livin' was easy! Just thinking about the start of school can be stressful for kids. New teachers, new... Read more...
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Hurrying is the Enemy

by on Oct.13, 2014, under Behavior, Child development, Communication, Expectations, Parenting, Relationships, Toddlers, Transitions

The outing to Starbucks with our two year old grandtoddler was perfect. Not a glitch.   No screaming, no crying, no collapsing into a heap, no refusal to walk, no running into the street, no running away.   And not one single tantrum.  The joys of being a grandparent. ... Read more...
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Back-to-School Blues

by on Sep.01, 2014, under Elementary School Children, Environmental influences, Expectations, Parent modeling, Parenting, Relationships, School, Transitions

“I’m a wreck!” was the reply from my client, mother of two elementary school age kids, when I asked her how things were going. Her children had started back to school the week before. And, truth be told, they were doing great. Both liked their teachers, classes,... Read more...
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The After-Burn of Starting School

by on Aug.13, 2014, under Adolescents, Behavior, Brat-Proofing, Communication, Elementary School Children, Expectations, Parenting, School, Transitions

Summer time, and the livin’ is easy, as the song goes. And there it went! There can be a whole lot more to starting school than starting school. Whether a child is beginning preschool, third grade, middle or high school, after a long summer or just an... Read more...
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“I Don’t Want To Go To School!”

by on Sep.10, 2013, under Adolescents, Behavior, Child development, Communication, Elementary School Children, Parenting, Peers, School, Sensitive Topics, Transitions

 Now that the school year has begun, it won’t be long before one morning you’ll awaken to the declaration, “I don’t want to go to school.” It’s a cry, actually more of a plea, which every parent is likely to face at least once, if not ten... Read more...

When A Pet Dies. Part 2 – for children 7 years and older

by on Feb.03, 2013, under Adolescents, Behavior, Child development, Communication, Elementary School Children, Learning, Parent modeling, Parenting, Relationships, Sensitive Topics, Transitions

“So, how do you handle the death of a pet when your child is older than 7 years?” asked a client after reading my previous blog, When a Pet Dies.  Good question. As children grow and mature, they begin to understand death differently. Children older than 7 years... Read more...
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Sleep-Away Camp Separations

by on Jun.05, 2011, under Attachment, Parenting, Separation, Transitions

   Way back in February you sent in the deposit. Sleep-away camp, here we come!  It was going to be fantastic—swimming in the lake, roasting marshmallows by the campfire, pillow fights in the cabin.  Just weeks before opening day, your son’s excitement fills the air. I get... Read more...

The Unmentionable: Wiping Your Child

by on Mar.07, 2011, under Parenting, Toddlers, Transitions

Sheepishly, the mom asked, “Should I still be wiping my seven year old’s tush after he makes a poop?”  Some of you might be gasping in horror, but others of you are nodding in agreement as you wonder the same thing. The third time in a week... Read more...

Fifty Years Later

by on Oct.04, 2010, under Learning, Peers, Relationships, School, Transitions

I answered the door at 10:00 a.m. Sunday morning, to find a good looking, gray haired gentleman. “Yes?” I said, somewhat perturbed that my racing to set up for the 12:30 p.m event was being interrupted. “I am Jeff Hearn” said the guest who was supposed to... Read more...

Smoothing the Start of the School Year

by on Aug.10, 2010, under Discipline, Parenting, School, Transitions

It’s August...three, four, even five more weeks of summer vacation depending upon your child’s first day of school. Summer time and the livin’ is (still) easy! Even though the consistent, routinized school year schedule actually makes life easier for most children and parents, getting back into the swing... Read more...