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Betsy’s parenting expertise has been featured in  Cookie, Family Circle, In Style, Parenting, Parents, Pregnancy and Newborn, Toddler, Twins, Woman’s Day and more. Betsy’s insights and answers to many questions and issues that perplex parents daily —  from sibling rivalry to food wars, death, divorce, and sex, can be found by clicking on the magazine covers below.

Tooth-Fairy Time

Parents Magazine
Jun 01, 2016

All the Answers: Be Prepared for the Day When Your Child Asks That Trick Question You’d Probably Rather Avoid

Parents Magazine
Feb 01, 2016

Is Being Fair Really That Important?

Real Simple
Nov 15, 2015

Nude Awakenings

Parents Magazine
Jul 01, 2013

Fight of Flight?

Parents Magazine
Apr 01, 2013

5 Big-Kid Discipline Dilemmas – Solved!

Jan 07, 2013

Your Preschooler’s Baby Regression

Parents Magazine
Oct 01, 2012

Freedom Seeker

Parents 2012
Feb 01, 2012

Is Your Kid Too Busy?

Parents Magazine
Dec 05, 2011

Toddler Tantrum Solutions and Discipline Tips

Parenting Magazine
Nov 05, 2011

Never Be Late Again

Good Housekeeping Magazine
Nov 02, 2011

Innies vs Outies: A guide to understanding your little introvert or extrovert

Family (Real Simple Magazine supplement)
Sep 05, 2011

How to Win Over Stubborn Children

Parenting Magazine
May 05, 2011

Are You A Pushover Parent?

Good Housekeeping Magazine
Jan 05, 2011

Discipline Dilemmas

Jun 01, 2009

Independence Day

Woman's Day
May 01, 2009

Everyone Has One

Dec 01, 2008

Nightmares Before Christmas

Dec 01, 2008

Good Old- Fashioned Manners

Sep 01, 2008

Too Much Information – the Importance of Privacy

Aug 01, 2008

Good Job! Do We Overdo the Praise with our Kids?

Chicago Parent
Aug 01, 2008

The Best Parenting books

Jul 01, 2008

Are White Lies Okay?

Jul 01, 2008

Talking the Talk With Your Kids

Boston Parents Paper
Jun 01, 2008

Read It

Pregnancy & Newborn
Apr 01, 2008