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Your Kid’s Not Passionate? Don’t Get So Excited!

Chicago Tribune
Jul 18, 2012

Teaching Kids the Cold, Hard Truth About Lying

Chicago Tribune
Apr 18, 2012

Rich Friend is Changing Daughter’s Wish List

Chicago Tribune
Mar 21, 2012

Parenting New Year’s Resolutions

Chicago Tribune
Dec 27, 2011

Equal Spending on Kids

Chicago Tribune
Dec 06, 2011

Kids and Thanksgiving

Chicago Tribune
Nov 29, 2011

Father’s Day Memories of Dad

Chicago Tribune
Nov 23, 2011

Start New Holiday Traditions

Chicago Tribune
Nov 21, 2011

Do You Scold Your Child When He Snubs Another Kid?

Chicago Tribune
Nov 01, 2011

Kids Who Cut Their Own Hair: Why?!

Chicago Tribune
May 04, 2011

Dealing With A Child Who is Mad at the Morning.

Chicago Tribune
Apr 19, 2011

Is It Too Early To Talk About (Gulp) Sex?

Chicago Tribune
Apr 05, 2011

Make a Plan For Shy Kids and Holiday Hellos.

The Chicago Tribune
Nov 23, 2010

Spelling Out the Reasons That Cheating Doesn’t Pay

Chicago Tribune
Oct 05, 2010

OK, So, Is There A Better Way to Ask Kids to Follow Through.

Chicago Tribune
Jul 27, 2010

When is it OK to Let Kids Be Quitters?

Los Angeles Times
Jun 11, 2010

Upon A Time…Digging History Over Summer Vacation

The Chicago Tribune
Jun 05, 2010

Should Kids Be Forced to Hug?

Chicago Tribune
Apr 15, 2010

From the Mouths of Babes…

Chicago Tribune
Mar 11, 2010

Disapprove of New Pal?

Chicago Tribune
Feb 20, 2010

Is your preschooler developing a potty mouth?

The Daily Gazette
Aug 23, 2008

Read it
Jun 12, 2008

LA Times Bestseller

Los Angeles Times
Apr 06, 2008

‘Not Fair’? Child Can Learn Much From Parent’s Response

The Wall Street Journal
Jan 29, 2008