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In 2001, Betsy Brown Braun founded Parenting Pathways®, Inc. to meet a growing need. Since children are not born with instructions, parents need help. Betsy is a resource for parents as they negotiate their normal parenting pathway, full of its twists and turns, highs and lows, and especially its challenges. Through private consultationsparenting groupsindividual seminars, and community presentations. Betsy provides individualized advice and guides parents on the journey with their children.

“Betsy Brown Braun’s class has been an incredible experience for me. Her wisdom, combined with a rare and wonderful sense of humor, has helped me become a better parent.”
—Deborah Gleiberman

” We are grateful that Betsy’s wisdom has become part of the everyday fabric of our parenting. She provides us the tools to feel safe so that we can do the same for our children.
Kate and Modi Wiczyk

“…Betsy’s Multiple Birth class offered us the tools that we need to parent our children with the knowledge and confidence to bring out each of our children’s individuality…”
—Hedi and Matthew Gross

“Betsy’s Parenting Groups have, without a doubt, made us better parents. Betsy provides us with skills and words that get us through even the toughest parenting issues.”
—Robert and Nancy Lurie