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Individual Parenting Seminars


A new format for Betsy’s seminars is under construction. Stay tuned for what’s coming next!



  • THE BIRDS and THE BEES:   The Child’s Path to Learning about Sexuality          

            Tuesday, July 21, 2015          7:00 to 8:30 p.m.          

 “Where do babies come from?”  Being prepared for the tough questions often makes answering them easier. This seminar will explore address “those” questions from a developmental perspective and provide a context for your answers. Children’s emerging sexuality and the accompanying behaviors will be explored.


  •  DISCIPLINE DO’S and DONT’S                      

             Wednesday, July 22, 2015   or  Wednesday,  August 12, 2015                             7:00 to 8:30 p.m.

Limits and discipline are challenges for parents of children of all ages as they try to figure out how the world reacts to their actions and behaviors.  This seminar will address the whys, whens, and hows of discipline that will lead to the self discipline we want our children to develop.


  • ELEMENTARY SCHOOL,   HERE I COME!                    

            Tuesday, July 14, 2015                            7:00 to 9:00 p.m.  

A framework for observing, assessing, and choosing an elementary school will be presented at this seminar. Private and public schools in the City and the Valley will be discussed along with the application process, school visits, interviews, and a timeline for applications.



In these economic times, it is more important than ever that we raise children who have more gratitude than gimme. This seminar will address the cures for our children’s spoilage and suggest ways to cultivate the values we believe to be the most important.


  • KEEPING YOUR CHILD SAFE                                  

This critically important topic will be addressed as we discuss age appropriate prevention and preparedness. The presentation will include:  dealing with strangers; child abuse prevention; family safety; what every child needs to know, and what every parent should know and implement.


  •  LEARNING ABOUT DEATH                


You don’t think you need this seminar…but you do! All children will wonder about death, and the subject is daunting for all of us. Young children can be given a healthy foundation for learning about death, and it starts when the child is around two years old. This seminar will present the language and the process for teaching young children about death…before they are forced to learn about it


  •    MIRROR, MIRROR:   Your Child’s Body Image       


Helping our children, girls and boys, to develop a healthy body image is a real challenge in today’s “hurry and grow up” world. The factors which contribute to a positive body image and the parents’ rolls in its formation will be discussed in this seminar. Practical tips and suggestions for facilitating a positive body image will be offered to parents of even the very young child.


  • NURSERY SCHOOL KNOW HOW               

This seminar will acquaint you with early childhood programs (preschools/nursery schools) available in the City and Valley. We will discuss school philosophies, a framework for finding the school that is right for your family, and a timeline for observing, choosing, and applying to nursery school.


  • CULTIVATING RESILIENCE                      


Every parent wants to raise a child who is resilient.  Learning how to cultivate this character trait that will enable your child to stick to it and navigate life’s inevitable bumps and navigate life’s inevitable bumps ad curve balls is what this seminar will address.


  •   SIBLINGS!                            


The pleasures of a large family don’t have to be overshadowed by sibling problems. This seminar will address sibling relationships, offer suggestions for dealing with the inevitable fights and rivalries, and offer ideas for promoting positive sibling interactions, as well as the pitfalls to avoid.



After May 15, 2015 please email ( to confirm that there is still space in the seminar(s) for which you wish to register before mailing our registration and check.