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Parenting Seminars

Betsy offers individual, topical seminars on a variety of subjects pertinent to parenting, raising children of all ages, and children’s educational journeys. Each seminar presents the topic in a developmental perspective and real life context and offers specific suggestions and tools for dealing with the subject matter.

All of Betsy’s seminars reflect her vast, hands-on experience with children and parents. They are well seasoned with her give-it-to-me straight approach and her characteristic humor.

Betsy’s Parenting Seminars are delivered in three ways: In-Person Parenting Seminars; Video Parenting Seminars on Demand; School and Private Presentations.

In-person Seminars

Currently, Betsy offers individual, in-person seminars only about school placement, specifically preschool and elementary school. These seminars meet at a Pacific Palisades location. Each includes a discussion of school philosophies, public and private school differences, a framework observing a school, how to choose a school, the application process, and a discussion of the particular schools in the general Los Angeles area. These school seminars are offered throughout the year.

For information about these In-Person Seminars, click here.

Video Seminars On Demand

Individual Video Seminars On Demand address a particular pertinent topic, each a part of the parenting pathway composite. Within each video seminar, a framework for understanding your child’s development and behavior with regard to the topic, is presented, and language and suggestions for dealing with these are offered. These video seminars are designed to cover a broad age range, generally toddler through elementary school age children, unless otherwise specified. Regardless of your child’s young age, often a particular parenting seminar provides the foundation necessary for handling the issue, lest you are caught off guard when it inevitably arrives.

For information about Video Seminars On-Demand, click here.

School or Private Presentations

The entire library of Betsy’s seminars is available for school, business,
and private presentations. For booking and arrangements, please send an
email inquiry to

For a list of all the available seminar and presentation topics click here.