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Tag: Anger

The Right to be Unhappy

by on May.13, 2012, under Behavior, Child development, Communication, Expectations, Parent modeling, Parenting, Toddlers

"If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands." Every kid knows that insipid song.  It scrolls through a palette of feelings, "If you're sad...If you're angry..." always pointing to the refrain "but if you're happy and you know it, shout hooray!" as if that's the... Read more...
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“Mommy, What is 9/11?”

by on Aug.23, 2011, under Communication, Parenting, Safety, Sensitive Topics

As the ten year anniversary of 9/11 approaches, the media is heating up with programs and references to that tragedy. Ten years ago already. Wow!  As was the case when Kennedy was shot, many can easily answer the question, “What were you doing when you heard the... Read more...
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Your Children Are Watching You!

by on Jul.19, 2010, under Communication, Environmental influences, Parent modeling, Parenting

“Coach Accused of Punching Son”  The headline in the LA Times caught my eye.  A youth baseball coach is facing a simple assault charge for punching his 9 year old son in the face after the boy was ejected from a game.  Are they kidding? I read... Read more...
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Don’t Take it Personally

by on May.28, 2010, under Behavior, Communication, Parenting

“You’re the meanest mommy in the whole world!” the seven year old screams at her mother, as she stomps down the hall to her room, punctuating the scene with a crashing door slam.  There’s not much that’s good about that scene, except that it is well within... Read more...

Teaching Children About Death

by on Feb.26, 2010, under Learning, Parenting, Transitions

A mom called me from New York today. In a panic she explained that her mother was in the last stages of   her life and what on earth would she tell her child.  She said she needed a crash course in death.  So sad for her, but... Read more...
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