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Tag: Books

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

by on Dec.25, 2010, under Character traits, Holidays, Learning, Parent modeling, Parenting

 Every year my friend Freida gives me a surprising gift.  Far out pop-up books, foodstuffs from the Homeboy Industries-Homegirl Catering and Kitchen, DVD’s of documentaries I might have missed. But this year’s is the best: Of Thee I Sing: A letter to my daughters by Barack Obama.  I... Read more...
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Cultivating a Love of Books and Reading

by on Jan.04, 2010, under Communication, Parent modeling, Parenting

Home is the first school house. And children’s attitudes about books and reading begin at home at the earliest ages. Pretty much all children start out loving books. Young children display their love of books in all kinds of ways: piling them high to make towers; pulling... Read more...
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