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Tag: competition

Whose Dreams Are They, Anyway?

by on Jun.03, 2010, under Expectations, Parent modeling, Parenting, Transitions

I guess my book, You’re Not the Boss of Me, came out too late for the mom who wrote in the  Two Cents Worth column of my local newspaper:  I think the Pony Baseball Association should consider eliminating playoffs for the younger players (Pintos).  My Pinto player’s... Read more...
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Olympic Idols

by on Feb.20, 2010, under Adolescents, Child development, Parenting

It seems like there is something for everyone in this Winter Olympics, and it’s easy to become an addict. The entire event is packed with heart-racing excitement as well as examples of natural talent, acquired skill, and athleticism.  Don’t you just sit on the edge of your... Read more...