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Tag: Discipline

5 Tips for Powering Up Your Parenting in the New Year

by on Dec.22, 2013, under Behavior, Communication, Elementary School Children, Environmental influences, Parent modeling, Parenting, Relationships, Toddlers

As the big hand creeps its way toward midnight, most people give at least a fleeting thought to New Year resolutions.  Those usually have to do with eating or exercise or a nagging behavior ripe for modification. And we all know how long those last: Not very. ... Read more...
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If Not Spanking, Then What?

by on Jul.03, 2012, under Behavior, Brat-Proofing, Child development, Discipline, Learning, Parent modeling, Parenting, Toddlers

Seems like almost every parent today knows that spanking is verboten. Everyone except that parent who says, “My father spanked me, and I turned out fine.” To him I want to say, You don’t remember how you felt while you were being spanked—the terror, the helplessness, the... Read more...

Tantrums: Doing What Comes Naturally.

by on Mar.22, 2012, under Behavior, Brat-Proofing, Child development, Discipline, Environmental influences, Expectations, Parenting, Public Behavior, Toddlers

There’s nothing like a toddler’s tantrum or an older child’s melt down to bring a parent to her knees.  It’s one of those behaviors that makes you feel inadequate and helpless, to say nothing of incompetent. Put that tantrum in a public place—a restaurant, the grocery store, the... Read more...
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