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Tag: Experiences

The Lazy Days of Summer? No way!

by on Jul.09, 2011, under Learning, Parent modeling, Parenting, Public Behavior

First it was red jello. Then it was sugary juice. Now summer is the enemy!  And it’s getting a bad rap. Summer Slide. Brain Drain. Whatever you call it, what was once the most carefree and welcome season of the year is being vilified as a threat... Read more...

Right in Your Own Yard– A Blog for Father’s Day

by on Jun.14, 2011, under Parent modeling, Parenting, Relationships

The window at my kitchen sink gives me a bird’s eye view of the happenings on my street. Recently, I witnessed a scene fit for a Norman Rockwell painting.  Five year old Owen was side by side with the gardener, mowing the front lawn. Two guys pushing... Read more...

Sleep-Away Camp Separations

by on Jun.05, 2011, under Attachment, Parenting, Separation, Transitions

   Way back in February you sent in the deposit. Sleep-away camp, here we come!  It was going to be fantastic—swimming in the lake, roasting marshmallows by the campfire, pillow fights in the cabin.  Just weeks before opening day, your son’s excitement fills the air. I get... Read more...

The Experience of the Holidays

by on Dec.06, 2010, under Holidays, Parenting, Relationships

It’s all about gimme gimme gimme right about now, the middle of Chanukah and three weeks before Christmas. Well, of course it is, because the world—the media, advertisers, merchants—focus our children’s sights on the stuff they’re going to get. Ugh!   In the end it is the experiences that... Read more...
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