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Tag: Giving thanks

Gratitude Beyond Thanksgiving

by on Nov.02, 2017, under Behavior, Brat-Proofing, Character traits, Child development, Communication, Environmental influences, Holidays, Parent modeling, Parenting

Each year as Thanksgiving approaches, there is an mighty uptick in the gratitude discussions at school. Gratitude awareness fills the mommy blogsphere. And parents begin to think about the need for cultivating more gratitude in their spoiled kids…especially as the season of gimme is right around the... Read more...
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Putting the thanks in Thanksgiving

by on Nov.14, 2009, under Holidays, Parent modeling, Parenting

As Thanksgiving approaches, most of us firm up plans for "the feast."  At whose house will it be? What will I bring? What's the best sweet potato recipe?  Then the day comes and it's all about rush-rush, clean the house or clean the kids, cook the food,... Read more...
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