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Tag: Hurrying children

Hurrying is the Enemy

by on Oct.13, 2014, under Behavior, Child development, Communication, Expectations, Parenting, Relationships, Toddlers, Transitions

The outing to Starbucks with our two year old grandtoddler was perfect. Not a glitch.   No screaming, no crying, no collapsing into a heap, no refusal to walk, no running into the street, no running away.   And not one single tantrum.  The joys of being a grandparent. ... Read more...
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New Year, New Morning Routine

by on Dec.25, 2009, under Behavior, Parenting

I often hear from parents how difficult their mornings are. Getting the kids up, dressed, fed, brushed, (loved!), and out the door to school can really be challenging. It’s especially tricky when you, too, are trying to pull yourself together, get ready for your day, whether you... Read more...
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