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Tag: Logical consequences

Do You Undermine Your Discipline?

by on Aug.21, 2017, under Adolescents, Behavior, Communication, Elementary School Children, Expectations, Parenting

For forever Lisa has been cutting my hair every 4 weeks. I have watched her two kids grow up, hearing her many tales and dishing out my advice. My hair looks great, and Lisa is a terrific parent. The proof is in the pudding. Today I got my... Read more...
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If Not Spanking, Then What?

by on Jul.03, 2012, under Behavior, Brat-Proofing, Child development, Discipline, Learning, Parent modeling, Parenting, Toddlers

Seems like almost every parent today knows that spanking is verboten. Everyone except that parent who says, “My father spanked me, and I turned out fine.” To him I want to say, You don’t remember how you felt while you were being spanked—the terror, the helplessness, the... Read more...