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Tag: Parent as teacher

My Top 15 Parenting Tips in Recognition of 15 years of Parenting Pathways, Inc.

by on Sep.11, 2016, under Behavior, Child development, Communication, Elementary School Children, Environmental influences, Expectations, Learning, Parent modeling, Parenting

I have been working with families—teaching children, directing schools, and consulting with parents—for 45 years. Yikes!  Accompanying parents on their parenting pathways became my life’s work. As the years have crept by and I have worked with hundreds of families, a core set of beliefs has become... Read more...
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Do As I Do, Not As I Say!

by on May.19, 2016, under Adolescents, Behavior, Character traits, Communication, Elementary School Children, Environmental influences, Parent modeling, Parenting

“I’m going to punish you” admonished the 4 year old “mommy” to her 4 year old “daughter,” both children at play in the “Housekeeping Center” of their preschool classroom. That is my favorite place to observe kids at work, reenacting scenes from their lives. “Playing” out their real... Read more...
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A Must Read–More Fall Out from the Tiger Mom

by on Aug.11, 2011, under Learning, Parenting

Simply put, the following is a link to an article that I believe is a must read. “10 Unsettling Education Trends Started By Tiger Moms” Not only is the information powerful and important in the lives of parents and children, but it is incredibly thought provoking. Let me know... Read more...

Look At That Lady’s Nose!

by on Aug.07, 2011, under Character traits, Environmental influences, Parent modeling, Parenting, Toddlers

Young children notice difference. As they try to make sense of their world, they pay attention to regularity and irregularity, what is familiar and what is not.  And there is no judgment involved, just recognition of difference. Truth be told, most people notice difference.  It’s no big... Read more...

The Lazy Days of Summer? No way!

by on Jul.09, 2011, under Learning, Parent modeling, Parenting, Public Behavior

First it was red jello. Then it was sugary juice. Now summer is the enemy!  And it’s getting a bad rap. Summer Slide. Brain Drain. Whatever you call it, what was once the most carefree and welcome season of the year is being vilified as a threat... Read more...

Right in Your Own Yard– A Blog for Father’s Day

by on Jun.14, 2011, under Parent modeling, Parenting, Relationships

The window at my kitchen sink gives me a bird’s eye view of the happenings on my street. Recently, I witnessed a scene fit for a Norman Rockwell painting.  Five year old Owen was side by side with the gardener, mowing the front lawn. Two guys pushing... Read more...

Revisiting 9/11: Talking to Children About Terrorism

by on May.10, 2011, under Communication, Parenting, Safety, Sensitive Topics

Following the news of Bin Laden’s death, I received a rash of calls from parents wondering how to explain 9/11 to their elementary school age children.  Most of these children were a mere twinkle in their parents’ eyes on September 11, 2001.  Referencing that horrible event was... Read more...

Should You Discipline Someone Else’s Child?

by on Apr.18, 2011, under Discipline, Parent modeling, Parenting, Peers, Safety

It’s hard enough to raise your own child—teaching him the rules of the road, guiding him as he learns how to “play nicely”—but what happens when a child who is not yours is in need of some pointed guidance (a swift kick in the pants, perhaps!)? You’re having... Read more...

A Parent Should Be A Parent…Not A Friend

by on Apr.04, 2011, under Behavior, Child development, Learning, Parenting, Peers, Relationships, Safety

Every time I hear a parent brag that her child is her best friend, I cringe and think, “Well, that’s too bad.”  The job description of parent is mighty long—nurturer, teacher, advisor, consultant, guide, spotter, disciplinarian, consoler, cheerleader.  But I am quite sure “friend” is not on... Read more...

The Unmentionable: Wiping Your Child

by on Mar.07, 2011, under Parenting, Toddlers, Transitions

Sheepishly, the mom asked, “Should I still be wiping my seven year old’s tush after he makes a poop?”  Some of you might be gasping in horror, but others of you are nodding in agreement as you wonder the same thing. The third time in a week... Read more...