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Tag: Talking to kids about the election

Talking to Your Kids About the Election

by on Nov.09, 2016, under Adolescents, Child development, Communication, Environmental influences, Learning, Parent modeling, Parenting

Certainly the outcome of the election gives new meaning to the words parents have told their growing children forever:  “You can be the president; anyone can be president.”  What an election surprise. Regardless of for whom you voted, many parents are wondering how to explain the election to... Read more...
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Politicians Behaving Badly: Talking to Kids About the Election

by on Apr.13, 2016, under Adolescents, Behavior, Character traits, Communication, Elementary School Children, Learning, Parenting, Public Behavior

Kids of all ages are getting a whiff of election politics at its worst. It’s unavoidable. I'll bet you think I am going to say, “Shelter them! Turn off the radio, TV, computer.” Not this time. This 2016 presidential election (which seems interminable) is an opportunity. It is... Read more...
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