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Betsy is life changing! She is incredibly intuitive, as well as thoughtful. She gave my husband and me the tools we needed in order to carefully address the underlying issues causing my son’s behavior. I can’t believe how fast Betsy figured this all out  for us.  [Betsy] changed our lives for the better.
Sophia and Jason Dalton, Los Angeles, CA.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to learn from [Betsy], as [she] has given me much confidence in being a parent during times when it’s all so overwhelming and frustrating or confusing.
— Tracy Samek, Teacher, Mother of Three, Sherman Oaks, CA

Every Mother’s Day, I am reminded of the incredible impact Betsy has had on my life and the lives of my children. I am so grateful to have Betsy, ‘Angel Betsy,’ on my side…whispering the right things to say to our kids and letting us know there’s always an opportunity to revisit a situation with our little ones. Thank you, Betsy, for guiding me through the extraordinary journey of motherhood.
— Michelle Gertz, mother of two, Encino, CA

Betsy has been an invaluable source of wisdom and encouragement for me, and my family. She is a caring, dedicated professional, and an experienced mother of triplets, who has provided me with an unspoken understanding and commitment to the challenges of being the mother of four children (including triplets.)
— Melinda Friedrich, Rye, New York

As a parent and as a kindergarten teacher I constantly “911” Betsy when I need help with a specific behavior issue. She has been an ongoing source of practical support both in raising my three boys and in my classroom. Betsy consistently provides easily-usable, commonsense advice and suggestions that work!
— Bruce Michael Green, father of 3 boys, Los Angeles, CA

I feel so blessed to just know [Betsy]. [She] is truly an inspiration on to me on so many levels. [Her] strength and leadership combined with [her] warmth, compassion, and humor are attributes that continue to encourage and comfort so many around her. I am thankful to be one of those “many.”
— Carol Bornstein, mother of twin boys

…But even more than the specific help [Betsy] has given us with the child rearing issues, [Betsy] also provided us with the confidence and security to make our own parenting decisions. [Betsy] has been not a crutch, but  a springboard for us as we continue to navigate the challenges and rewards of parenthood.
— Kate and Modi Wiczyk, Los Angeles, CA

Betsy has taught me to see the world through a six-year-olds eyes. She has really taught me how to be a better mother, and her direct approach to problems has more than once saved me from losing my mind.”
— Carol Westman, Los Angeles, CA

Without Betsy’s help we never would have been able to survive my daughter’s tantrums! With Betsy’s guidance and advice, we were able to understand and deal with her behavior. Betsy made us better parents.
— Ricki Booker, Boulder, Colorado

Betsy Brown Braun taught us how to talk to our daughter in a way that would truly resonate with her…She is 13 years old now and I still call Betsy for advice.
— Deborah Tudor, mother of one girl, Los Angeles, CA

Betsy’s parenting strategies are like nuggets of gold. From dealing with unruly children in the backseat to getting out the door in the morning to answering those dreaded questions about death, sex and money – her advice works.
— Laura Zimmerman, mother of twin 8-year old boys, Encino, CA

Betsy has…really helped me become the effective parent that I am today!
— Gail Benun O’Byrne, mother of 10- and 13 yr old daughters, and Stepmother to 11- and 14 yr old daughters, Los Angeles, CA

Betsy got me over the bumps of raising two young boys and over the moguls of raising teenage boys. She is my rock.
— Deidra Hall, Santa Monica, CA

Betsy has tons of good advice and useful tips about communication, discipline, nutrition, etc. But underlying her methods are her values and the high standards she sets for parents.
— Eric d’Abeloff, West Hollywood, CA

 Betsy is our parenting sherpa. Any time we run into something that is just throwing us off or parenting game, we call Betsy for a tune-up.  You know Betsy’s good when, after a particularly hard weekend with the kids, your husband says “I’ll call Betsy.”
— Amy Glover, mom of two, Beverly Hills, CA

 Betsy’s pragmatic advice has given us the strength to be …better parents and better partners…She offers the ultimate parenting “tool kit” and a clear understanding of what children are going through every step of the way. No one should have a baby without her!
— Jill Chayet – mother of two, Los Angeles, CA

I would be a different parent without the help and guidance of Betsy Brown Braun.  I have been talking to and, more importantly, LISTENING to Betsy for almost twelve years now.  Even my children suggest I “ask Betsy” when we are at a crossroads.  I am thrilled that she has written books in order for a wider audience of parents have the opportunity to learn from her.  Betsy’s advice is always worth a listen or a read.
— Nancy Lurie, mother of three

My son had to have a 14-hour surgery and to say “I could not have gotten through it without Betsy” would be an understatement.  She helped me prepare him pre and post surgery and has been a source of strength I’ve needed through very difficult times. I’m so grateful she’s in my life.
— Bahar Soomekh, Actor, Mother of two boys

Betsy keeps it real. She respects parents and children and gives parents the straight scoop about productive communication.  I turn to her insights again and again.
— Alexis Bircoll Martin, Mother of two

Betsy Brown Braun’s books and blogs are life preservers in that overwhelming, rocky sea of parenting. Whenever my husband or I are at a loss for what do do and say to our son, we reach for Betsy’s books for the appropriate response. Her scripts and suggestions are easy-to-follow, effective, and most important, deeply kind to children. Thanks to her beautifully crafted, clear, compassionate advice, Betsy has taught us to avoid arguments, chaos, and meanness and to be reasonable, nurturing parents who have developed a loving and respectful relationship with our son, who, in turn, has grown into a kind, calm, thoughtful child. I recommend her books and blogs with the highest of praise.”
— Stephanie Friedman, Santa Monica, California

Betsy’s parenting philosophy is loving, sane, and full of humor. Her advice helps me get closer to being the mom I want to be for my kids.
— Debbie Kanter, parent of 8 and 10 year olds

Betsy has given us the understanding and real life “tools” in Parenting. She has helped us comprehend our children behaviors and how to respond to them as they grow. We could of not done it without her!
— Karina Mirkin, mother of two boys

Today after Goldie was having a moment, Jon handled it like a pro. And ya know what he said? “The best thing I have done in months is go to that Betsey Brown Braun seminar.” Hallelujah!
— Leslie Bronson, mother of a challenging three year old

I attended your seminar and just tweeted about it. Not only were you thoroughly entertaining (something I’m quite impressed with as an entertainer myself) but I immediately took your advice and not only did I feel better, but in the end, so did my son. You are utterly amazing, and I want to say a million thanks.
— Birdie (aka Michele Moreno), Mother and comedienne

Your talk really helped me in becoming a more “open” parent and less worried about little things that really don’t matter and restrict kids in a negative way.
— Nina Hong, mother

All of your advice and our discussion served both a practical purpose as well as an emotional one. I value your “scripts” and very often find myself asking , “What would Betsy say?” But even more than the specific help you have given us with child rearing issues, you also provided us with the confidence and security to make our own parenting decisions. You have been not a crutch, but a springboard for us as we continue to navigate the challenges and rewards of parenthood.
— Kate Phillips Wiczyk, mother of three