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As a pediatrician who has referred countless patients to Betsy for nearly 10 years, I trust her unique and successful blend of wisdom, compassion, and insight–from sleep and food issues, siblings, tantrums, divorce, adolescence, and virtually anything else that causes a family stress, Betsy knows EXACTLY what needs to be said. Simply put, this book should be required reading for every parent.
– Alisa Bromberg, M.D., Palisades Pediatrics

Betsy is the parenting guru! She has helped so many of my patients navigate tricky parenting situations. She has also given some of the kindest, loving, age appropriate advice to families dealing with challenging situations. She is the parenting specialist I turn to time and time again.
– Bess Raker, M.D.,  Pediatrician, Beverly Hills,

Betsy Brown Braun is a fine observer of children….
– R
obert M. Landaw, M.D. Pediatrician and Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, UCLA 

Betsy’s wisdom, expertise, and knowledge — regarding all age groups — is amazing! In my work I encounter situations of all kinds, and I often consult with Betsy.  Every time she gives me pearls of wisdom that enrich my approach to children.
– Heather Hire, Pediatric Occupational Therapist

I feel more confident and equipped to handle the bumps on the road in part because I can turn to you. You are a real gem and so rare. Thank you for doing what you do! My whole family benefits.
– Jenna Laski, MA, LMFT, Psychotherapist , mother of two children 

Betsy has a wonderful way of communicating the essentials in a straightforward manner.  She cuts to the chase and does not sugar coat issues that are important and detrimental to effective development of children’s social and emotional growth.  As adults we often stumble in the area of communication, and when talking to pint-size people, we can feel as though we have three heads!!  Betsy normalizes parental emotion and leads the way to an easier effort at problems solving with our kids.
– Dr. Erica M. Rivera, Clinical & Consulting Psychologist

Betsy’s parenting tips are worth their weight in gold…She is the go-to expert for parents at the end of their rope!
– Kristen Muller/ Parent & Network News Producer

…Betsy does not beat around the bush, she zeroes in on the issue and helps you shift behaviors almost imperceptibly so that a productive environment for change is created in the parent child relationship.  Her columns have always generated the majority of our comments on – our community.  She is a uniquely engaging author with wide knowledge, experience and loyalty from her millions of readers.
– Monica J. Villa, Founder, The Online Mom

Betsy Brown Braun offers insight and expertise into one of life’s the most challenging and rewarding endeavors – parenting. Her direct approach provides support and guidance to navigate these often-uncertain waters and to help facilitate a more joyful parent-child connection.
– Cyndi Sarnoff-Ross, Marriage and Family Therapist

Betsy’s wisdom and wit guides parents in the skills of child rearing…Her influence today, may just make a difference in making the world a better place tomorrow.
– Pearl Barlev: Rabbi, Chaplain

… without Betsy’s common sense, developmental expertise, sense of humor, loving and respectful nurturing, I don’t know where our family would be?… I live and parent by her every word!!!
– Meredith Alexander, founder of Acme Sharing

Betsy is an icon in child development…Her “tell it like it is” approach doesn’t leave any room for misinterpretations.
– Shadi Bakhtiari, Director of Beverly Glen Playgroup and mother of two 

Betsy Brown Braun…is a gifted parenting specialist and inspirational mentor to me…Betsy has inspired me as an early childhood educator and parent.
– Batsheva Spector, ECC Director and Parent of 3 children

Betsy Brown Braun is rare combination of intelligence, experience and humor….she is a remarkable gift to the lives of parents and children.
– Barbara K. Polland, Ph.D., M.F.T., Professor Emeritus California State University, Northridge, Child and Adolescent Development, Author  of the children’s book, We Can Work It Out!

Betsy offers the clearest, calming, and most helpful advice there is on parenting. She understands the individual needs of different children, and helps parents find practical solutions that will work for every family. She’s like having the smartest, coolest, and amazingly right mom just a phone call away.
– Jane Buckingham, Author of The Modern Girls Guide to Life and The Modern Girls Guide to Motherhood

Betsy Brown Braun’s advice turns perplexed moms and dads into confident and savvy parents.  Her tips are so simple and easy to follow that every parent can use Betsy’s words to overcome most any situation,
Stacey Boyd, Founder and CEO, Savvy Source

 Betsy brings depth of knowledge & infinite wisdom to the ever changing field of Early Childhood. She is an inspiration to more people than I could ever count up to.  I find the advice you give to be so appropriate & on target to each & every individual parent/client that you come in contact with
– Michele Gathrid, Owner/Director of Circle of Children Preschool in Santa Monica

Every parent should read this book!  Betsy’s wise words have helped many of my patients navigate the perils of parenting and end up with a fun, fabulous and functional family.  Just Tell Me What To Say has become a regular “go to guide” in my office for practical solutions to every day parenting issues.  I look forward to referring families to her for years to come.
– Tanya Remer Altmann, MD, FAAP, author, Mommy Calls: Dr. Tanya Answers Parents’ Top 101 Questions About Babies and Toddlers