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Video Seminars on Demand

At last Betsy Brown Braun’s wildly popular Individual Parenting Seminars are now available to parents across the state, country, and world!

videos on demand by betsy brown braun

Individual Parenting Seminars On Demand address a particular pertinent topic, each a part of the parenting pathway composite. Within each video seminar, a framework for understanding your child’s development and behavior with regard to the topic, is presented, and language and suggestions for dealing with these are offered. These video seminars are designed to cover a broad age range, generally for toddler through elementary school age children, unless otherwise specified. Regardless of your child’s young age, often a particular parenting seminar provides the foundation necessary for handling the issue, lest you are caught off guard when it inevitably arrives.

video seminars on demand by betsy brown braun

Betsy is able to address follow up or individual questions in a scheduled consultation, by phone, Skype, or Face Time. To book a whole, half, or quarter session, contact Betsy at




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