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Tag: Parent modeling

My Top 15 Parenting Tips in Recognition of 15 years of Parenting Pathways, Inc.

by on Sep.11, 2016, under Behavior, Child development, Communication, Elementary School Children, Environmental influences, Expectations, Learning, Parent modeling, Parenting

I have been working with families—teaching children, directing schools, and consulting with parents—for 45 years. Yikes!  Accompanying parents on their parenting pathways became my life’s work. As the years have crept by and I have worked with hundreds of families, a core set of beliefs has become... Read more...
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Do As I Do, Not As I Say!

by on May.19, 2016, under Adolescents, Behavior, Character traits, Communication, Elementary School Children, Environmental influences, Parent modeling, Parenting

“I’m going to punish you” admonished the 4 year old “mommy” to her 4 year old “daughter,” both children at play in the “Housekeeping Center” of their preschool classroom. That is my favorite place to observe kids at work, reenacting scenes from their lives. “Playing” out their real... Read more...
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You Are Who You Are When No One is Looking

by on Sep.09, 2012, under Behavior, Character traits, Child development, Communication, Environmental influences, Expectations, Holidays, Learning, Parent modeling, Parenting, Toddlers

The mother unwrapped the straw, poked it into the little box, and handed the drink to her toddler as they walked out of the grocery store. The sliver of straw paper slipped from the mother’s hand. I doubt that she even noticed it. Rolling my grocery cart back... Read more...
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Be the Person You Want Your Child to Be

by on Sep.21, 2010, under Character traits, Expectations, Learning, Parent modeling, Parenting

“You will not believe this story,” began the email from a client who had just returned from family services for the Jewish New Year. She described the mother and three children sitting next to her own family. “She was knitting!” (Yes, you read it correctly,... Read more...
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Go Dads!

by on Feb.06, 2010, under Parent modeling, Parenting

In the Palisades where I live there are two dads who have upped the dad ante, stepped up to plate in being dads. Well of course, most dads are heading for the plate, at least that ‘s their intention. But these two are hitting the ball out of... Read more...
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Bad Behavior…of Grown Ups, That Is

by on Sep.16, 2009, under Parent modeling, Parenting

This morning's treadmil conversation at the gym was livelier than usual.  I announced that I just had to blog about the growing epidemic of bad behavior...of adults...  public figure adults' bad behavior. Whether or not my gym rat buddies felt Serena's tongue fault was forgiveable  (It was, they thought--it... Read more...
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