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Tag: Limits

Should You Discipline Someone Else’s Child?

by on Apr.18, 2011, under Discipline, Parent modeling, Parenting, Peers, Safety

It’s hard enough to raise your own child—teaching him the rules of the road, guiding him as he learns how to “play nicely”—but what happens when a child who is not yours is in need of some pointed guidance (a swift kick in the pants, perhaps!)? You’re having... Read more...

A Parent Should Be A Parent…Not A Friend

by on Apr.04, 2011, under Behavior, Child development, Learning, Parenting, Peers, Relationships, Safety

Every time I hear a parent brag that her child is her best friend, I cringe and think, “Well, that’s too bad.”  The job description of parent is mighty long—nurturer, teacher, advisor, consultant, guide, spotter, disciplinarian, consoler, cheerleader.  But I am quite sure “friend” is not on... Read more...

Let Halloween Be The Kids’ Holiday

by on Oct.22, 2010, under Holidays, Parent modeling, Parenting

“Professional Halloween Lighting” reads the sign on my corner.  Are they kidding? I wondered as I inched toward my house, looking out for any of my young neighbors.   My block is filled with kids of all ages, nursery through high schoolers. And their house Halloween decorations began appearing... Read more...

Smoothing the Start of the School Year

by on Aug.10, 2010, under Discipline, Parenting, School, Transitions

It’s August...three, four, even five more weeks of summer vacation depending upon your child’s first day of school. Summer time and the livin’ is (still) easy! Even though the consistent, routinized school year schedule actually makes life easier for most children and parents, getting back into the swing... Read more...

The “Right” Age for Video Games

by on Mar.26, 2010, under Adolescents, Attachment, Behavior, Parenting, Peers, Transitions

With your first born child, it’s pretty easy to control his diet of everything—sugar, television, war toys, choice of friends—for the first few years anyway. But then he hits school age, somewhere after five years old, kindergarten age, and the once controlling parent begins to question some... Read more...

Olympic Idols

by on Feb.20, 2010, under Adolescents, Child development, Parenting

It seems like there is something for everyone in this Winter Olympics, and it’s easy to become an addict. The entire event is packed with heart-racing excitement as well as examples of natural talent, acquired skill, and athleticism.  Don’t you just sit on the edge of your... Read more...